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Browsing History

WordPress plugin “Browsing History”

Save user’s browsing history and list them.

This plugin is simple. You can save the user’s browsing history just a install and display them anywhere you want with just a shortcode.
The logged-in user’s data is saved in the user meta. Other user’s data is saved to Web Storage (localStorage).

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Occasional AJAX Error



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Hello Takashi,
We see occasional Javascript alerts from the Browsing History plugin. Writing to see if there’s a way to suppress or address this.

Screengrab of the alert: thriveandawaken.com/wp-content/uploads/browse-history-alert.png

Inspecting gives me:
browsing_history_get : ajax error
Line 84 -> 107

I’m thinking it’s something to do with the post_id, or pages that are in the WordPress template that don’t use post_id?

Thank you!

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How to display different types of posts and pages in separate lines?

As an example!

[ccc_browsing_history_list_results post_type=”post”]
[ccc_browsing_history_list_results post_type=”page”]

But it doesn’t display like that, an error!


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Date wise history for every user



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Great plugin found after searches from many days. And hope your plugin will rock in coming years.

Actual User will give best feedback for growth.

Broser history should datawise history and setting should for kept data till date i.e. keep data upto x month.

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Admin-Ajax calls slowing site down



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I am using your plugin as it seems to be the only plugin available that does what I need. However, there is a big issue as the admin-ajax calls are slowing the site down considerably. Without the plugin it’s 1.5 seconds to load, but with the plugin it’s taking 5 seconds.

Is there anything that can be done about this, because my client is not happy with the page speed and I can’t find any alternative plugins anywhere?

Many thanks

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Is it possible to delete a history item? For privacy reasons.



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Is it possible to delete a history item? For privacy reasons. Some users may want to delete some items from history. Is it possible to do that?

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Development on GitHub

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Browsing History