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WordPress plugin “My Favorites”

Save user’s favorite posts and list them.

This plugin is simple. You can save the user’s favorite posts just a install and display them anywhere you want with just a shortcode. The logged-in user’s data is saved in the user meta. Other user’s data is saved to Web Storage (localStorage).

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Assigned User by id Shows all Reviews



Replies: 2

I’m trying to show only reviews created but the logged in user. When a user is logged in it works perfectly but when no user is logged in it shows all reviews but I want no reviews to show. Is this possible?

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Translate favourites page with Polylang translation plugin



Replies: 1

I need help with translating the favourites page with polylang.
Is there any way to do so?

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Like Button does nto Update



Replies: 3

This is such an easy to use plugin. I think it is great!

I am having a problem that I am not able to get around.

When I click on a Favorite button it works as expected.

1. the heart turns red (Favorited)
2. the post id is updated in my db
3. the List Results updates in my ‘Favorite Events” menu

The problem is then..
1. all the hearts also turn red

This means that all buttons appear Favorited. If I click on a Favorited button, that isn’t technically favorited, it will appear as if it isn’t favorited but will update the post ID in my db.

What I am basically writing out is that the function is then reversed after the first Favorited click.

I’m using the short code [ccc_my_favorite_select_button post_id=”” style=””] in a loop which updates the post ID.

I am using this short code to load the Favorited results [ccc_my_favorite_list_results class=”” style=””]

Both short codes load on the same page.

Any suggestions?

(the page is designed for mobile browsers)

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Can I use it as a bookmark plugin?



Replies: 1

I have a novel reading site and I wanted to use this plugin as a chapter bookmark, user can find in their respective profiles. Is it possible using this plugin?

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Plugin Conflict with WP Leaflet Maps



Replies: 2

I’m working with developers from WP Leaflet maps pro and adding the ability to utilize the favorites shortcode within map listings. Running into a conflict where whenever we try to insert a shortcode in a listing, the entire map section on the page goes blank.

The map plugin developer claims that this is an issue with your plugin: “The javascript files are loaded in the header part by favourites plugin which is not recommended.  The script files are always added at the bottom of web page before closing tag.”

Can you take a look at this?

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GitHub - takashi-matsuyama/my-favorites: WordPress plugin "My Favorites"

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