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My Favorites

WordPress plugin “My Favorites”

Save user’s favorite posts and list them.

This plugin is simple. You can save the user’s favorite posts just a install and display them anywhere you want with just a shortcode. The logged-in user’s data is saved in the user meta. Other user’s data is saved to Web Storage (localStorage).

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How to disable loader when loading ?



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Hi, Takashi

Thanks for the great plugin.
Is it possible to disable or remove loader when loading ?

Thank you 🙂

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Compatibility with Gridbuilder WP and other site builders



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Hi Takashi,

I’d love to use “My Favorites” with Gridbuilder WP, a plugin that lets you build advanced grid layouts with real time faceted search.

You can see it in action below:
https://demos.wpgridbuilder.com/ (WooCommerce demo)
https://demos.wpgridbuilder.com/blog/ (blog demo)
https://demos.wpgridbuilder.com/map/ (map demo)

What I’d like to do is to offer the option to the user:
1. to add posts (or articles with WooCmommerce, or locations with the map) to their favorites by clicking on an icon (heart, star or similar) from the grid itself
2. AND to only show their favorites within the Gridbuilder grid (while applying or not applying additional filters from Gridbuilder itself).

Do you think you could make it happen?
Here is the documentation for developers about PHP Functions, Filters, Actions as well as JS Events and Methods => https://docs.wpgridbuilder.com/



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Ajax Refresh



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I want to know how I can refresh the page if someone unfavorites a post? I have created my own list that shows the user’s favorites, and I want to refresh the page when they unfavorite a post.

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Syncing Favorites



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I wanted to know how to sync all of my user’s favorite posts. For example, I have the favorite button in about three different places (a list of posts, on the post, and the page that shows the list of all the favorites). When the user clicks favorite on the post itself it is then favorited, but searching through all the posts I have to offer the user can find the post they favorited directly showing it’s not favorited ( but in reality it is favorited )… Simply put if it’s favorited in one spot I want it to show it is in all locations/unfavorite.


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Hello Takashi,
does your Plugin “My Favorites” work under a Multisite environment?
Regards, Frank

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Development on GitHub

GitHub - takashi-matsuyama/my-favorites: WordPress plugin "My Favorites"

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